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BackYard Mobile Laser Tag - Book Now, Don't Wait!

Call of Duty game play in person, with incoming UAV and Nukes and much more!

BackYard Laser Tag brings the best party idea in El Paso to your house, school, business or church! Kids love team sports, a challenge, role playing and video game scenarios. Having a Laser Tag Party Outdoors keep the kids active and it’s a great idea! Tired of bounce houses and bowling parties? Give the kids the ultimate party experience in El Paso! BackYard Laser Tag puts it all together and creates the ultimate experience!

Laser Tag Guns

Would you like  laser tag  for an upcoming party or event?  We can help!  Rolling Video Games ELP has professional laser tag equipment for indoor and outdoor events.  Is it your child’s birthday? Liven up the party with laser tag, and watch your whole family come together and have a blast!
Laser Tag is a Great Party Idea!

Birthday Parties (Boys and Girls Love Laser Tag!)
Corporate Team Building Events
Youth Group Events
After Prom and Lock-In / Lock-Out Parties
Neighborhood Block Parties and Family Reunions
Graduation Parties
Summer Camps
Customer & Employee Appreciation
Charity Events
Festivals & Carnivals
Comunity Events
8+ years of age

Rolling Video Games ELP is based on an hourly charge. Our equipment is professionally made to maximize the fun of every event. Laser tag is a perfect activity for any occasion. It is safe, fun, and affordable. Our Commanders (Game Coaches) will arrive early to set up bunkers and visit with you on the different setting we can do. Commanders are there the entire party to assist in setting up equipment for different game playing roles.  Our Commanders will have one admin gun to load all setting into the rest of the guns for play.  You have to see it to believe it, it will be the talk of your party.

We have many different setup for any kind of party, Domination, Capture the Flag, VIP, Team Battle, Free for ALL and more.



Laser Tag Game Options


Halo Grunt Party


90 Minute Party
8-10 Laser Tag Pro Guns

Game Coach conducted Laser Tag Event with 10 barriers and 10  taggers delivered to you at your specified location.

Ages 8+
Game Commander Conducted

Halo Elite Party


2 Hour Party

 8-10 Laser Tag Pro Guns

Game Coach conducted Laser Tag Event with 8-12 barriers and 10 taggers delivered to you at your specified location.

Ages 8+
Game Commander Conducted

Call of Duty

4 Hour Party

Up to 24 Players Combination Laser Tag Pro & Video Game Theater Party!

2 hours of Laser Tag fun plus 2 hours of our Mobile Video Game Theater!

Up to 24 guest! (8-10 laser tag guns)  Includes 25 invitations for Rolling Video Games!

Game Coach/Commander Conducted

3 Hour Party


What is Tactical Laser Tag?

When you think of laser tag, most would start with star trek phasers and black lights? The chaos of running around with no direction trying to shoot anything that moves?

Tactical Laser Tag is objective-based play of popular video games and combine it with a great physical activity to form the most exciting live gaming experience available. Go head to head against friends and family members. Feel the adrenaline rush of barely completing your objective within just seconds of the end of the round. Both adults and children can compete in accomplishing missions and bring their team to victory. If you haven’t experienced Tactical Laser Tag then you are really missing out.

Tactical Laser Tag for 3 hours $469. Scopes on all units if needed.

Gun set-ups include. SMG, Shotgun, Heavy Machine Gunner, Sniper, Battle Rifle, each set-up has its own range and HP damage.

Rolling Video Games Waiver  Game Rules