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Black Ops 4 and Fortnite Battle Royale Available Now 

Due to the Covid19 we are taking new steps to insure everyone enjoys their time in our Video Theater.  We have implemented new cleaning methods and new requirements for our Video Theater.  All persons going into the video theater will be required to use hand sanitizer before entry and we will reduce the number of times kids can go in and out.  Any person with running nose or coughing, etc. will will NOT be allowed in the Video Theater.  Please understand that we want everyone to enjoy the party.

Maximum number of 2 kids per screen inside the Video Theater

(Total of 8 kids inside the Video Theater)

Video Game Entertainment Trailer Services in El Paso, Texas.

Mobile Gaming Center!

Be the first in your neighborhood to have Rolling Video Games ELP party trailer show at your door.  Once you experience this kind of mobile video game party, your going to have us back time and again. With room for 24 gamers to play at the same time, along with seating for onlookers, our mobile video game theater keeps everyone entertained.  Our theater is 32' long enough elbow room for every gamer

Mobile Entertainment

Find out more about our mobile gaming center and what all is included when you hire us. Your family and friends of all ages will find appealing and appropriate games made all the more exciting by our unique setting.  

When you book our services we arrive early so you get the full amount of time you booked our service for.  

Contact us in El Paso, Texas, to learn more about our unique video game entertainment services.
Located & Providing Services in the El Paso, Texas, Area & Las Cruces, New Mexico

About Us

Make your next party fun and memorable with video game entertainment services from Rolling Video Games ELP in El Paso, Texas. Let our 32ft. mobile video game theater come to you. Enjoy this competitively-priced form of easy, stress-free entertainment. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Inside our trailer, we have four, widescreen high-definition televisions covering the walls. Custom stadium seats with built-in vibration motors are synched to the on-screen action, with clear, bold sound coming from speakers in front and back. Up to 16 players can play at once. Outside, the canopy offers two additional, 55” high-definition televisions, allowing eight more players at a time, a total of 24 players at one time.  A Game Coach will be in attendence to help the kids.

Rolling Video Games ELP started operating in El Paso in April of 2013.  Owners Jesse & Sylvia Tavarez strive to make your event one of the best events you have ever hosted.


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